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PL-jrxml2pdf - Version - new major feature

22. Juni 2014 , Geschrieben von Andreas Weiden Veröffentlicht in #APEX

After quite a long time without any bigger enhancements i had a little time to implement a new major feature in PL-jrxml2pdf.


You can now use variables e.g. for the calculation of aggregates.

Variables can be used either at report-level or at subdataset-level (e.g. for the usage in tables).

For reset-type and increment-type you can use

  • Report
  • Group (along with the name of the group)
  • Page
  • None (which means "for every record)

As calculation-type the following options are supported:

  • Sum
  • Highest
  • Lowest
  • Average
  • First
  • None

Here's a screenshot of an example-report-output

jrxml variables

Another new feature in the scope of variables is the possibility to "take over" values from a subreport and use it in the main-report.

New chart-type "Stacked-area-chart"

The gallery of possible charts now includes stacked-area-charts.

jrxml charts stacked area chart

As always, everything is available on the download-page

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