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JRXML-Generator POC and sneak-preview available

14. Februar 2013 , Geschrieben von Andreas Weiden Veröffentlicht in #APEX

After getting the huge number of 2 (in words two) responses to my idea of writing a JRXML-generator i decided that this is enough to try it.

And 100% of the responses liked the idea to be able to create a report-definition from an APEX-page.

So i build a proof of concept and now have published it on apex.oracle.com

The whole thing is template based, so you can define different templates for different areas of the report.

On the tab JRXML-Generator you can start the generation of a new report. Here you choose for which page the report-definition should be generated. Currently you should use only the pages from the application "Report-generator-examples".To have a look at the layout of these pages you can use this link.

jrxml generator start

In the following steps you can choose what regions you want to use and which template should be used for the different areas of the report. In the last step the report-definition is generated and stored in the PL-jrxml2pdf-report-table. You are directed to the report-definition-page and can then run the report to see the result. Be sure that you provide the parameter-values if you have generated the report from a detail-page (e.g. P3_CUSTOMER_ID with value 1 if you choose the page Edit Customer).

At the moment this is only a proof of concept, so only certain region and item-types are supported, and also a lot of features is missing. But in my opinion it shows the idea behind.

So, feel free to play around with the generator and templates, i'm curious about the feedback.

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Hi Andres,<br /> <br /> Thanks you so much for you great efforts on the APEX - Jasper integration.<br /> I work together with Dimitri Gielis and we're using your solution.<br /> <br /> I have two issues I cannot (yet) overcome:<br /> 1) The "isRemoveLineWhenBlank="true"" property appears not to get evaluated<br /> 2) Merging two reports works really well, only I have a slightly different functional issue with it: I have 2 reports. One is a cover letter and the second one is a detailled calcualtion sheet. I<br /> want per employee a cover letter followed by his calculation sheet. So not first all cover letters followed by all calculation sheets.<br /> <br /> I would like to share more details with you on the topics and my findings. But I believe it would be easier if we could e-mail each other directly. If you thinks this would be an option, can you<br /> please send me an e-mail?<br /> <br /> Thank you very much.<br /> Kind regards,<br /> Roeland