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A generator for the generator

22. Januar 2013 , Geschrieben von Andreas Weiden

I'm currently thinking about writing a generator which creates a JRXML-report-definition from either an Oracle Forms-Module or from an APEX-page (I'm not sure at the moment which one i prefer).

The generator would analyze the module/page, transform the queries into datasets in JRXML, transform the fields into report-fields in JRXML, transform tabular data into a table-layout and finally store the JRXML in the PL-JRXML2PDF-report-definition table. As an add-on the code to call that report could also be generated.

At the moment i'm not sure if this a useful feature or just a "gimmick". Any comments are welcome.

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Senthil Murugan 03/20/2013 12:19

Dear Andreas,

Really this is very good option, please try to improve. This will change the apex programming in next level. Wish you all the best.

Please provide the download link for the application, we will try with some more options on the same.

Andreas Weiden 04/27/2013 12:49

Dera Senthil,

a new version including the genrator is now available for download.


Niels de Bruijn 01/28/2013 09:46

Hi Andreas,

it does make sense to me to generate a template file (based on a existing APEX page) as a basis for a PDF report.



Peter Raganitsch 01/23/2013 07:44

Hi Andreas,

this is definitely a great idea. If you want i'd be happy to help.

As i'm purely APEX based these days, i'd prefer the APEX Version and wouldn't think about Forms... ;-)