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A generator for the generator

22. Januar 2013 , Geschrieben von Andreas Weiden

I'm currently thinking about writing a generator which creates a JRXML-report-definition from either an Oracle Forms-Module or from an APEX-page (I'm not sure at the moment which one i prefer).

The generator would analyze the module/page, transform the queries into datasets in JRXML, transform the fields into report-fields in JRXML, transform tabular data into a table-layout and finally store the JRXML in the PL-JRXML2PDF-report-definition table. As an add-on the code to call that report could also be generated.

At the moment i'm not sure if this a useful feature or just a "gimmick". Any comments are welcome.


PL-jrxml2pdf - Version - new major feature

5. Januar 2013 , Geschrieben von Andreas Weiden Veröffentlicht in #APEX

Quite shortly after the last release, but i had a little time to implement some new feature in PL-jrxml2pdf and released a new version on the download-page.

Running two or more reports into one PDF

This was something i already wanted to introduce in an earlier version, but never had the time to. You can now call PL-jrxml2pdf with not just one report-definitions, but as many as you want to. The reports are run one after each other, but the important thing is that they all are concatenated into one single PDF-document. And of course the different reports can have different page-formats/sizes.

You can also control whether the page-numbering starts with 1 for each report or if the numbers are continous over all reports.

Check the new overloaded FK_RUN-function which takes an array of report-names as parameter.


By giving values for the internal parameters $$TITLE$$, $$AUTHOR$$, $$SUBJECT$$, $$KEYWORDS$$ you can fill the PDF-metadata-properties title, author, subject and keywords which are accessible in the properties of the generated pdf.

New chart-types

I added two more chart-types, stacked barcharts and stacked 3D-barcharts.