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PL-jrxml2pdf - implementing the charting-part

23. Oktober 2012 , Geschrieben von Andreas Weiden Veröffentlicht in #APEX

Last week i was in contact with a developer who wanted to use PL-jrxml2pdf in his project and was quite disappointed that there is currently no support for charts.

So i had a look at what chart-capabilities Jasper-reports has and if something similar could be implemented using pure PL/SQL. I did some first steps and my answer is, it is possible, but a lot of work. And there will be some restrictions due to the restrictions of the PDF-version used (there is no support for transparency in PDF 1.3).

But as there are currently no other features which i want to introduce into PL-jrxml2pdf i'll give it a try. So, i started developing a pure PL/SQL-charting engine, which will work together with the PL-jrxml2pdf-reports-generator when finished.

Here a screenshot of my first test-chart build with my package:

jrxml2pdf charts


PL-jrxml2pdf - Version - new major features

12. Oktober 2012 , Geschrieben von Andreas Weiden Veröffentlicht in #APEX

Today i released a new version of PL-jrxml2pdf on the download-page.

The release contains two new major features.


If you have a datafield containing HTML, PL-jrxml2pdf can render it to PDF. Only a subset of HTML is supported, have a look at the documentation for details. Here's a demo-report

jrxml html


You can now render google-maps using the map-component and the Google static maps API. Again, have a look at the documentation for details about the usage.

jrxml map component