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PL-jrxml2pdf - Version - new major feature

3. August 2012 , Geschrieben von Andreas Weiden

Today i released a new version of PL-jrxml2pdf on the download-page.

The release contains one new major feature. You can now use the table-component of jrxml. Supported are by now

  • tableHeader, columnHeader, detailCell, columnFooter and tableFooter-cells
  • nested columngroups
  • conditional rendering of columns (only top-level, not inside columngroups)
  • border around table-component.


Especially the conditional rendering is a nice feature, when the print-when-expression for a column or column-group returns false, the column or column-groups is not rendered and all columns right of it are moved to the left.

jrxml2pdf table usage

Besides this there are a lot of minor enhancements and several bugfixes included.

  • The property "mode" is now supported, so that objects without a color and mode not set to "Opaque" are transparent and therefore have the color of the underlying object
  • the property verticalAlignment is now supported for Static text and textfields
  • Added expression-support for
    1. ! as NOT
    2. .startsWith(EXPRESSION) as LIKE (EXPRESSION || '%')
  • support for properties pen/@lineWidth and pen/@lineColor in various objects
  • "Stretch with overflow" in combination with paddings caused missing textparts in multiline text
  • Styles with names longer than 20 chars where cut off and not applied
  • Parameter expressions ($P{}) where not parsed
  • when a frame's content was extended in height, the fill-area for the frame was not adjusted
  • Special handling of parameter SUBREPORT_DIR
  • empty expressions lead to endless loop
  • bandheight could be smaller than minimum bandwidth when using subreports (Thanks to Tom Petrus for providing a solution)
  • fine-tuning of borders, especially when forming boxes
  • Style-correction: Bold/Italic from style not used
  • Style-correction: Boxline-colors and widths from style not used





I hope you enjoy it.